Sales Foundations - Building Blocks

Mix & match or have us create a custom progression - Let's have a free 60 minute assessment about the goals and needs of your business.


  • CRM Assessment
  • CRM Recommendations
  • CRM Implementation
  • Pipeline Assessment & Recommendations
  • Pipeline Creation
  • Reporting Basics: What's Important for You and Why
  • Reporting Basics: Collecting the Right Data

Hiring & Training

  • Sales Basics Training
  • Call Coaching for New and Seasoned Sales Professionals
  • Hiring: How and Where Do You Find the Best Candidates for You?
  • Hiring: Creating a Job Description to Attract Talent
  • Hiring: Commission Plan and Structure Review or Creation
  • Sales Handbook Creation

Goal Setting and Reporting

  • Using Pipeline Data to Set Goals (Individuals, Team and Company)
  • Setting and Hitting Milestones as a Sales Team
  • Creating Estimated Pipeline Value - Measuring against Actual Pipeline Value
  • Helping Communicate Potential Pipeline Value Using Data
  • Identify Pipeline Bottlenecks
  • Help You Understand Deal Flow - Timeline and Seasonality - For Predictive Modeling